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 Company Name None   Signature Class (C)    Emerging Leaders (C)  
 Medina Municipal Court   Class of 1998, The Favorite    
 Colliers International   Class of 2005, The Ultimate    
 Self-Employed   Class of 2017, The Collaborators    
 SVN Summit Commercial Real Estate Group, LLC   Class of 2020    
 Hyload/Martin Rubber   Class of 2017, The Collaborators    
 Vikimatic Sales, Inc.   Class of 1996, The Brightest    
 AllVentures, LLC   Class of 2007, The Inspired    
 Huntington National Bank   Class of 2014, The Class On Fire    
 Alternative Paths      Emerging Leaders Class of 2020 
 Gerspacher Real Estate Group, Inc.   Class of 2003, The Futurist    
 Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital   Class of 2016, Silver Jubilee    
 Armbruster Moving & Storage   Class of 2017, The Collaborators    
 Alternative Paths, Inc.   Class of 2004, The Exceptional    
 Arnold Architectural Strategies, LLC   Class of 2001, The Synergetic    
 PNC Bank   Class of 2013, The Visionary Class    
 Medina County Sheriff's Department   Class of 1996, The Brightest    
 Jorge Castillo Design Inc.   Class of 2000, The Spirited    
 Battered Women's Shelter of Summit & Medina Counties   Class of 2009, A Class Act    
 Granger Township   Class of 1997, The Perfect    
 DS Benefits Group   Class of 2018, Self Driven Class