Bridging the Political Divide: What Happened to Civility in Politics?
05/18/2020 - 05/29/2020


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Increasingly in America, we don’t just disagree. We distrust, dislike, even despise those who see the world differently. Our political differences have divided us into camps of “us” versus “them.” We withdraw from conversations to avoid bitter disputes—thereby eroding relationships and understanding. All the while, social media robots use our own preferences to push us further and further to opposite corners.

75% of Americans say that the political divide has reached a crisis level, and most believe it is getting worse. How can we bridge the divide?

Are YOU willing to step outside your own bubble? Is it possible that our problems are more than a choice between red and blue? Do we have more in common as Americans than we think?

Get connected. Join our series of video conversations with other Medina County leaders to move toward bridging the divide. The train is leaving the station. Get on board for one of ten conversations between May 18 through May 29, from 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. Spaces is limited and dates will be removed from the registration list when filled.

Waiver Statement:

Ground Rules for Community Conversations

  • Unless you agree otherwise, your answers and responses will be kept confidential and anonymous
  • We agree to respect the anonymity of the participants. We may discuss what happened in the meeting, but we may not attribute anything said to an individual, specifically including his or her expressed statements or opinions.
  • There are no “right answers”
  • Keep an open mind and try to understand others’ views
  • Listen carefully; Don’t interrupt when someone else is speaking
  • Stick to the questions; try not to ramble
  • It’s OK to disagree, but don’t be disagreeable; This isn’t meant to be a “gripe session” 
  • Participants must turn on their camera during the Zoom session.

The Zoom meeting will not be recorded.  At your discretion, you may consent to participating in a short video sharing your thoughts for future publication by Leadership Medina County.

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